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Furniture Mar 18, 2024

Type Chair by Danish designer Jonas Trampedach

The latest addition to Hay’s range of designer offers, the Type Chair by Danish designer Jonas Trampedach does not only extol the virtues of minimalist, modern design but is also the very first aluminium chair manufactured by the company.

We talked to the designer about his unique design that merges traditional craft with industrial processes to create a contemporary piece that’s both beautiful and functional.

What inspired you to create the Type Chair?

“I often talk to my partner about how the furniture I make must be things I would want myself. My designs should result in something I can see in my own home. This mindset has become more and more of a requirement, one that I have adopted to assess the quality of my work. Type Chair has been years in the making, and I think you can see that in its final refined form.”

What is most unique about this design?

“The way it combines craft with industrial design methods to give Type Chair its unique uniform appearance and lightweight and weatherable properties.

The Type Chair is made of a novel material, how does it fit into the Hay design philosophy?

“One of the things that I think HAY has been most successful at is finding these archetypes – whether it’s the Mags Sofa, About A Chair, Revolver Stool, Palissade Collection, and so on – they are all new pieces of furniture in a realm of the already known, but they add something new to the market, a fresh take; it’s here I think that Type Chair fits well.”

The Type Chair is lightweight and stackable. It also features a weatherproof silicone coating, making it suitable for outdoor use. The Type Chair is currently available in Silver Grey Silicone Coated Aluminium only.

Hay is  locally available at Inova Contracts, a supplier of quality, design-led indoor and outdoor furniture to the South African market.


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