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Furniture Feb 27, 2024

Topolansky Fine Furniture

Riffing off the nature-inspired trend currently overtaking the interior world, the safari-inspired look has homegrown roots and plenty of international appeal.

Championing natural materials, think wood, stone and lightweight, woven textiles, and African tribal-inspired art and decor, here’s how to pull off the look in a cool and contemporary way with Topolansky Fine Furniture.

Opt for a limited colour palette

While safari may scream “holiday” to some, the theme is actually very organic. Neutral hues and earthy colours like cream, olive green and dusty sunset colours like rusty orange work best. Select a tight colour edit and stick to it for a sophisticated result.

Use natural materials

For an authentic look, opt for natural materials such as wood and stone, as well as natural textiles like organic cotton, leather and rattan. Great furniture options include the Cape Arm Chair and Cape Footstool from Topolansky Fine Furniture – both offer the perfect combo of leather and wood.

The key is textural balance – too much of one material and the room will feel out of sync. A touch of copper or brass, like one finds on the Campaign Study Desk by Topolanksy Fine Furniture, can elevate a scheme such as this but steer away from shiny plastic furniture!

Choose a feature piece

While there are many beautiful African crafts one can incorporate into a safari theme, using too many may leave you with a room that looks like a market stall rather than an elegant space to relax. Be smart and restrain yourself to a piece or wall – a feature gallery wall with one type of artefact such as woven baskets or masks, for instance, can be very chic.

With a deep appreciation for smart designs, quality materials and the best hand craftsmanship, Topolansky Fine Furniture is well-known and loved for its distinctive furniture made using natural materials and traditional fabrication techniques. Whether it is a finely crafted leather chair like the Mombasa Camp Chair or a beautiful wooden chest such as the Kinshasa Chest that you are after for your safari look, Topolansky Fine Furniture is the perfect store for discerning buyers looking to infuse their home with local colour and culture.

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