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Furniture Jan 13, 2023

Dining With Topolansky Fine Furniture

Dining in?

Then look no further than Topolansky Fine Furniture for uniquely beautiful tables to elevate your dining experience.

Here, the team from Topolansky Fine Furniture shares how to choose the right dining table for your space.

Small, medium or large

The first thing to take into consideration when choosing a dining table is size. This includes the size of the room in which the table will stand (ideally you want at least 1 metre of wiggle room between the table and walls or other furniture to make moving around easy), as well as the number of diners the table must accommodate.

Round, square or rectangular

Depending on the size requirements, you may lean more toward one shape table than another: square or round tables work well in smaller spaces, for instance, while rectangular tables are best for long, narrow spaces.

Of course, your interior design style will also play a role when it comes to choosing a shape.

Speaking of style…

Your existing interior scheme will not only influence the shape of your table but also the material and finishing details.

A classic like the wooden St Anne Oval Table is perfect for traditional interiors, while the Industrial Round Dining Table with its zinc table top is ideal for more contemporary spaces.

Plated or harvest-table style?

How you prefer to serve your food can also play a role when it comes to choosing a table. For instance, rectangular tables work best for a harvest- or family style set-up as reaching across a large round or square table can be cumbersome.















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