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Furniture May 13, 2022

Topolansky: A Love of Safari Furniture

Safari styled interiors are always in vogue. A way to celebrate the beauty of the great outdoors and the many splendours usually associated with the African Safari. Topolansky Furniture takes us on the journey with some top picks to create the look in your next interior project.

A little history

The term safari chic first came about after the release of the romantic drama Out of Africa which hit the screens back in the mid-80s. It focused on the types of clothing, design and architecture linked to outdoor living and especially in a safari setting. Today, the term continues to evolve with beautiful interior offerings that present the many textures, colours and intricacies of an African way of life. Think African decor, various shades of brown, natural materials, animal print furniture, rugs and wallpaper. These work together to achieve a refined Safari look.

Designing a safari-style interior certainly starts with the right choice of furniture. Statement pieces bring this design aesthetic to life. It’s dynamic but also calming. Furthermore, this style is warm and inviting, with rich wooden tones and mixed materials that bring richness to the design. However, it also brings the unique mood of wilderness into your modern home.

Choosing Safari furniture for your home

Colonial-inspired furniture often finds its place in a safari style. Think pieces with natural but exotic wood like mango. Rattan is always a fresh approach too and it serves the purpose, just like bamboo. Antique pieces such as a wooden trunk could serve as both storage and a functional table. Classic choices include sturdy tables, chairs with intricate designs, and bold armchairs. Simply put, the style is refreshing with an ode to a more vintage way of life.

Topolansky’s known yet unique style continues to evolve. Years of travelling the globe for inspiration uncovered an instinct for identifying beautiful and timeless creations. Being well established and having rooted a deep and broad experience in the trade, developed an appreciation for the cleverest designs, quality materials and the best hand craftsmanship. Furthermore, Topolansky’s unique style plays with tradition. It looks at the classics with modern eyes and produces something fresh, exciting and current.

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