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Furniture Jun 20, 2024

Tom Dixon: Fat Work Chair

Uniting form and function, Tom Dixon’s latest creation, the “Fat Work” Chair is all about adding style and comfort to the workplace.

The newest addition to the designer’s “Fat” collection, the chair is the perfect candidate for a hybrid of work and pleasure, offering the user the ability to get any job done in style.

Featuring a perfect spheric cushion and curved backrests, what makes the chair a superb teammate is the thickness of the upholstery, which has minimal detailing characteristic of Dixon’s work.

Commenting on the new design, which he started working on during the pandemic when almost every home was turned into an office, Dixon said: “The new blurred landscape that we now inhabit of hybrid work and pleasure demands furnishings that match our increasingly flexible and unpredictable lifestyles. ‘Fat Work’ is a response to these recent readjustments where the home has been redefined as a place to work, to zoom and to learn. Where workplaces seek to reject a clinical and technological environment in favour of softer aesthetics and comfort.”

“We wanted to create a chair stripped of engineered aesthetics with increased plushness and domesticity and so we developed ‘Fat Work’. A chair for conference rooms and breakout spaces, home offices or modern dining, that swivels and rolls and lifts with great posture and poise,’ adds Dixon. “We think Fat Work is the perfect candidate for this job description.”

“Fat Work” is available in over 200 colourways and fabrics and will be available globally in September 2024.

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