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Furniture Oct 27, 2020

Tips For Decorating Your Home With Acrylic

Acrylic is a wonderfully fresh and modern finish to add to a contemporary design scheme. It’s beautiful and quirky and an easy way to breathe new life into your home. Here we share some simple ideas to decorate your space using acrylic.

1. Acrylic in the Office

Create a contemporary feel with acrylic storage that will help you see all of your office goods at one glance. A simple acrylic organizer can be placed on your desk to store and display your favourite items of stationery. Don’t hide those beautiful pens and stylish statinonery in a drawer or closet. An acrylic organizer is the way to go!


2. Acrylic on display

Invest in beautiful acrylic decor that you can use as statement pieces in your home. Simple and sleek, a pair of acrylic bookends will bring contrast and a modern twist to a bookshelf or library wall. We love the juxtaposition of old vintage books and a modern acrylic bookend for a truly inspired setting.

3. Acrylic Trays and Side Tables

In a smaller room, it’s quite difficult to keep things clean and uncluttered. Large, bulky furniture items can make a room feel closed in and cramped. The solution? Clear, acrylic furniture items will keep thing modern and bright while reflecting light, even in a smaller space. A simple acrylic butler’s tray can be used as extra storage in a living space or bedroom.

4. Acrylic shelving

Looking for an alternative to wood shelving? Acrylic is a bold and magnificent option to bring a more modern aesthetic to your walls. Durable and easy to maintain, these beauties will enhance your space. Simply add an arrangement of your favourite decor items and you’re all set!

5. A statement desk

Traditional office desks come in a range of materials from wood to glass. However, if you’re hoping to create an inspired and modern setting, contemporary acrylic desks are the way to go. It’s see-through so creates the illusion of light and space. A beautiful piece to help promote productivity while you work.

6. Acrylic Seating

Go for a minimalist and modern look with acrylic bar stools around your kitchen island. A fun, sleek way to add style to your overall space.

7. Acrylic coffee table

Go for that wow factor with a statement acrylic coffee table in your living space. You won’t need to worry about the kids shattering glass all over the place and yet, you’ll still achieve the sleek, airy look that acrylic has to offer. A great way to instantly uplift your living room. We love this Victorian table from Acryluso – the detail of the curved and rounded joining bars portrays the range as romantic and sophisticated.

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