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Furniture Sep 16, 2020

TimHarris Design: Tips For Simpler Living & A Decluttered Lifestyle

“Clutter is not just the stuff on your floor – it’s anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living.” – Peter Walsh.

Modern life is fast becoming less about the things we collect and more about the memories and feelings associated to the way we live each day. At TimHarris Design, there is a strong focus on living the simpler life and taking pleasure in the small things that spark happiness.

Tim Harris explains: “I take personal pleasure in owning as little as possible. Everything I own, I either use often or find beautiful and inspiring.” He admits that together with his wife, who is also his business partner, the pair are ruthless declutterers.


As a designer, Tim encourages all of us to ask the following questions:

“Do I actually need it? 

Do I love it? 

If not, why keep it?” 

And this is how the team also approach design. “I resonate with stark simplicity. And I’m passionate about long lasting quality. I think all this is evident in the aesthetic and functionality of our modular shelving system.”

Embrace The Simple Life With Modular Shelving:

The modular shelving system by TimHarris Design is designed for minimalists. It is not designed as bulk storage. It is designed to challenge users to part with the unnecessary. (Someone else needs it more than you do.)

This approach to storage also challenges users to find new value in what they already have. A thing that may not be considered special by most, if displayed thoughtfully, apart from general clutter, can take on a new value. That particular thing feels ‘selected’. That’s the value of minimalism, it makes even ordinary things seem special.

The benefits are philosophical…

There are many benefits to decluttering your space. These include:

Spaces open up. Rooms begin to feel clear, unobstructed, brighter and happier.

Costs come down. We spend less on collecting things that take up precious space.

Mental load is reduced. Simple living starts in the mind and can help you feel calmer, in balance with your environment and more restored.

Order is achieved. Regain control over your interior and achieve the space you’ve always wanted.

The rat race dissolves. Simple living is about slowing things down, leaving the chaos at the door and embracing the beauty of tranquil spaces.

Self awareness develops. As you declutter the junk, you’ll begin to reconsider your choices and how you live each day.



It’s a lifestyle. The simple life really is a way of living. It is a choice that you make each day to clear out the mess – mentally and physically – and live a more fulfilling life.

“People might say this is impractical, but I have found it to be the complete opposite. I still have a broom cupboard, and I still keep my underwear in a drawer, but apart from that everything I own is worthy of being on display.” – Tim Harris.

What you store (and how you store it) matters. And of course, this adage is not limited to physical storage.

Experience the simplicity, adaptability, attention to detail and quality of the TimHarris modular shelving system for yourself. Visit TimHarris Design online for more info.

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