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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Sofa with Mobelli Furniture + Living

Choosing the perfect sofa involves balancing style, comfort, and functionality to create a space you’ll love for years. Mobelli understands that sofas are more than just furniture; they’re the heart of your home’s design. Here’s our ultimate guide to help you make the best choice.


Measure Your Space and Access.

Start by measuring your room to ensure the sofa fits well. Marking the dimensions on the floor with masking tape can help visualize its placement. Always leave enough room to move around the furniture. Additionally, measure doorways and entry points to avoid any issues during delivery.

Determine Your Needs.

Consider how you use your space. Do you need a corner sofa for family gatherings or a sleeper sofa for guests? Here are some options:

Choose Your Style.

Match your sofa with your home’s aesthetic. Mobelli offers a range of styles from classic to modern, ensuring your sofa will complement your decor for years.

Check Frame Construction.

A durable frame is essential. Mobelli offers sofas with solid wood or steel frames, both designed for longevity and robustness.

Select Cushion Fillings.

Cushion filling affects comfort:

  • Foam: Firm support and shape retention.|
  • Feather-Filled: Luxurious and plush but needs regular plumping.
  • Fibre-Filled: Soft and resilient, balancing comfort and support.

Test for Comfort.

Whenever possible, test the sofa in person. Sit in various positions to check cushion support, backrest angle, and overall comfort.

Care and Maintenance.

Mobelli offers exclusive fabric protection services for our couches, making it easier to clean minor dirt and spills. For thorough cleaning, professional services are recommended.

Visit Mobelli.
Enjoyed these sofa buying tips? Check out the Mobelli range online or visit a showrooms to find your perfect fit.
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