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Furniture Feb 14, 2024

The Sensory Experience of Colour and Texture with Cielo.

Our senses constantly absorb information about the world, notably through the vibrant sights of colour and the tactile sensation of texture. These elements are pivotal in the furniture and fashion industries, evolving with cultural shifts, environmental concerns, and trends. Colours and textures often vary due to individual taste, as well as generational preferences. Cielo has prepared a short overview of where current trends are at within the colour and texture space.

Get a Feel for Texture

  • Artisanal & Handcrafted: Items made by skilled artisans using traditional techniques showcase unique flaws and attention to detail, offering amazing authenticity. Cielo’s handmade pieces that showcase this include the Malawi Chair, the Ada Jute Rug and the Decorative Root Ball.
  • Cosy Textures: Materials that evoke warmth and relaxation are key to creating inviting living spaces. Cielo incorporates soft textiles and plush materials like velvet in products such as the Ottavia couch, enhancing comfort and luxury.
  • Material Combinations: Mixing different materials in a single piece, like hardwood with metal, adds visual intrigue and contrast. Cielo’s Legacy Side Table is a testament to the beauty of such combinations.


The Wonders of Colour

  • Bold & Energising Accents: Vibrant colours can transform a space, adding visual interest and energy. Cielo’s eye-catching furniture pieces, such as the Lannfield 3-seater couch in mustard, demonstrate this effect.
  • Minimalist & Neutral Schemes: Emphasising simplicity and clean lines, neutral colours like white, beige, and grey create a contemporary, sophisticated atmosphere. Cielo uses these schemes to enhance the modern feel of homes.
  • Earthy & Sustainable Tones: Inspired by nature, earthy tones offer a calming effect and are used in pieces like the Prague Armchair. These colours complement spaces with subtle, soothing accents.


Cielo is well acquainted with the use of colour and texture to define a living space. Our senses are primed to appreciate these aspects, and the luxurious details that come through when we apply them to our furniture and decor has contributed to our reputation for being trendsetters in the industry. We know our customers share a love for colour and texture, because they’ve inspired us to keep finding new ways to express these sensory wonders in ways we can share with the world.


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