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Furniture Sep 13, 2021

Spotlight: A Celebration of Local Crafts From KNUS

Today we are chatting with the team behind local home decor retailer KNUS. At KNUS 100% of all products are locally designed, crafted, and delivered, and we could not be more proud of their efforts to promote authentic, proudly South African craftsmanship.

What is the meaning of KNUS and why did you choose this brand name?

Initially, we were going to launch with a small selection of handcrafted decor items and felt that the name KNUS portrays exactly what we had in mind for the brand. KNUS is an Afrikaans word and is a feeling and rather a meaning and literally translates as a sense of comfort, coziness and warmth – which is the feeling we hope our products bring to customers. Today we have thousands of products but the name and meaning behind it is still as fitting as ever!

How long have you been operating?

KNUS started in May 2017 with a small selection of about 800 products and about 20 makers. Almost all 20 are still going strong and listing with us today!

You have created a platform where over 100 independent creatives can sell their products. Which qualities do you look for when choosing the designers and makers?

We currently have more than 140 makers / designers on our platform and growing weekly! Our aim is to be the largest South African online store for 100% local home decor and furniture whilst ensuring that the products we sell are of top quality, has a unique design not readily available everywhere and thus matches our brand look and feel, 100% locally manufactured and sustainably made as far as possible. We are also proud to boast a large selection of exclusive products made just for KNUS that won’t be found anywhere else!

Knus is a true one-stop shop with over 20 000 bespoke handcrafted decor and furniture items. Are all the products made in South Africa?

Absolutely 100% yes! Local is at the very core of what KNUS is about! For us, it starts at home – literally! We are the only South African home décor retailer where 100% of ALL products are locally designed, crafted and delivered. When you support KNUS, you help lead the way for change, and make a real impact on the immediate community by showing your local love. Together, we can help create employment opportunities, reduce poverty and make a real difference in each worker’s life.

Are you able to customise products?

We can customise 90% of the products you see on KNUS! Since each item is made to order right here in SA we allow customers to put their mark on it. They therefore have the option to choose their preferred colour, size and material so it best reflects their vision!

Are more South Africans shopping online since Covid 19?

Covid 19 certainly forced more people to shop online with the retail industry being temporarily halted. We saw a huge influx in our online traffic and orders as customers still needed their retail therapy somehow and this has been great for the
online industry as a whole. Not all industries were affected positively though and we are just happy that we were able to contribute to the sales of our makers during this difficult time. We have assisted in keeping their businesses and local economy afloat during this much-needed time. The more South Africans continue to shop local, the more opportunities we can not just keep but create. Doing it online is just more convenient for the customer!

Which designers on your platform are currently inspiring you?

We love everyone in the KNUS family! The ones who are currently inspring us are Wanderland Collective. Wanderland Collective has the most exquisite designs that we have seen in a long time. We absolutely love their vibrant colours and textures that are synonymous with their brand! They also have a very similar outlook to KNUS in that they collaborate with South African artists to create beautiful, narrative-rich, luxury products.

Another brand that is currently inspiring us is Sett & Beat. They are a conscious textile studio based in Cape Town. They weave every piece they sell meticulously by hand. The craft of hand-weaving is such an opportunity to connect with authenticity, to experiment, to challenge the status quo and join the slow movement. They are also currently exclusively available on KNUS!





For more visit KNUS.

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