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Furniture Jul 11, 2024

SOFACOMPANY: Simple Sophistication with Warm Minimalist Spaces

Warm minimalism embodies the essence of simplicity and tranquillity. The concept embraces clean lines and uncluttered spaces that work together to create an atmosphere of calm sophistication. Whether you want to pair down or add a clean, warm ambience, find inspiration for a warm minimalist space with SOFACOMPANY.

Achieving this aesthetic requires a careful curation of furniture and décor, focusing on investment pieces with quality over quantity. It also infuses life through incorporating earthy tones, natural materials, and organic textures.



For those drawn to the understated allure of minimalism but seek warmth and comfort, warm minimalism is the perfect solution. Introducing the award-winning Paula Sofa, designed by Line Nevers Krabbenhøft for SOFACOMPANY. With its alluring curves and wrapped in luxurious Maya Cream off-white bouclé fabric, Paula epitomises luxury and comfort in a compact form.

Ideal for those who value both style and affordability, Paula seamlessly integrates into minimalist interiors, adding a touch of elegance. Available as a 2 or 3 seater, Paula suits both standard and larger living room spaces.



Designer Nikoline Tryde Hølund brings her distinctive touch to the Rose 2.5 seater Sofa, introducing a natural and informal element to warm minimalist interiors. With its organically shaped silhouette and wrapped in Danny cream—an extra-soft chenille quality fabric—the Rose Sofa embodies comfort and style. Ideal for social gatherings or quiet moments alone… it effortlessly combines versatility with Scandinavian charm.



For those seeking versatility without compromising on comfort, the Daphne Modular Sofa in Pebble Rust offers endless possibilities. Her floating appearance and concealed legs create an illusion of spaciousness. Whether configured as a standard 3-seater or customised into a corner unit or U-shaped sofa, Daphne adapts effortlessly to various living spaces, embodying the essence of adaptable minimalism. Designed by Line Nevers Krabbenhöft, Daphne is a sofa for the entire family to enjoy.

Incorporating these sofas into a warm minimalist interior is about creating harmony and balance. Pair them with clean-lined coffee tables, understated lighting fixtures, and soft textiles in neutral tones to enhance the sense of serenity. By carefully selecting each element, you can transform your living space into a haven of warm minimalism.

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