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Renouve Studios: Tips To Choosing The Perfect Dining Chairs

Add a little style to your next mealtime experience with Renouve Studios and its wide selection of dining chairs. With so many great options to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice.

Here are some of our top tips for picking out the best chairs for your table…

Does it match your table?

Ensure that the chairs you choose complement the style and height of your dining table. The chairs should not only look good with the table but also provide enough space for comfortable seating. Too bulky and your guests may feel squeezed in; too small and they may have a hard time enjoying a pleasant meal.

What’s your style?

Determine the overall look and aesthetic you want for your dining area. Whether you prefer a modern, traditional, rustic, or eclectic look, select chairs that align with your vision. Wooden chairs with upholstered seats come in various designs, from classic to contemporary.

Comfort and Cushioning:

Upholstered seats add comfort to wooden chairs, so pay attention to the padding and cushioning. Test the chairs to ensure they are comfortable to sit in for extended periods. Consider the thickness of the cushion and the quality of the upholstery material.


Back Support

Dining chairs are not only good to look at but they need to be a good fit for your body too. Consider the back support of your dining chairs and if these will offer you a comfortable seat with the necessary support you need to enjoy your meal.


Wood is a durable material, but the quality of the wood matters. Choose chairs made from solid wood or high-quality wood veneers. Check for sturdiness by wiggling or leaning on the chair to see if it feels stable.

Upholstery Fabric:

The upholstery fabric not only affects comfort but also the overall look of the chairs. Consider factors like stain resistance, ease of cleaning, and how well the fabric complements your decor. If you have young children or pets, stain-resistant fabrics are a good choice.

Colour and Finish:

Pay attention to the colour and finish of the wood. Decide whether you want a natural wood finish, a stained finish, or painted chairs. Ensure the wood colour coordinates with other elements in your dining space.

Looking for the perfect chairs for your dining table? Shop the full range at Renouve Studios and bring a little comfort and style home this season.

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