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Furniture Mar 25, 2021

Porada Presents The Latest Autumn Trends & Interior Inspirations

The new 2021 collection holds Porada’s vision of the domestic ambience in the name of continuity and research: continuity with design, which has become more and more defined over time; research of the materials and shapes, whose flexibility and functionality are constantly evolving.

The new collections are designed to seamlessly fit into every room, highlighting its design pattern. Pieces of furniture and living spaces intertwine cohesively becoming one harmonious whole, embodied in the latest proposals of wooden panelling and custom dividers to add a personal touch to every space.

The inspiration is often drawn from Mies Van Der Rhoe interiors, with reminiscences of the upper-class architectural projects of the 1950’s by Albini and Gardella.

Featuring polished and elegant lines, each product is enriched by the manual work of skilled artisans and refined sartorial details, which represent the added value Porada always delivers.

Noble materials are preciously combined with new finishes to create a vision of a contemporary yet timeless lifestyle. This, that could sound like an oxymoron, is the true essence of Porada: contemporary and timeless.

The result is the clear and precise identity of a multicultural, cosy and personal home.

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