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Furniture Jun 18, 2024

Pierre Cronje presents George Gibbens slank occasional-chair

Drawing inspiration from the enigmatic concept of an open-ended labyrinth, seamlessly translating it into a captivating episodic context, George Gibben’s Slank occasional chair offers a contemporary take on the traditional chair design. Be Inspired with Pierre Cronje.

“Breaking away from traditional concepts, this chair embraces a fresh approach by elegantly dividing itself into independent components, perfectly suited for the modern context of occasional furniture,” says George.

“This visionary approach translates into an interactive installation that encourages people to engage and explore. Its profound impact extends to educational institutions, where it stimulates creative thought, facilitates enlightenment, and invites deep insights.

“Meticulously crafted with precision, the chair’s construction showcases a harmonious interplay of spaced-apart panels, seamlessly tensioned together. Each panel comprises interlocking pieces of fine European Beech, meticulously manufactured using state-of-the-art processes that ensure impeccable quality and durability.

“With a gentle inward curve, the Slank chair invites interconnection and fosters a sense of unity. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this subtle curvature also serves a practical purpose, ensuring optimal comfort and compatibility with the human form.

“Crafting each panel of the Slank chair demands meticulous attention to detail. Utilizing advanced CNC milling technology, 16 unique parts are expertly cut from lightweight European beech. These parts undergo meticulous hand sanding and a multi-stage treatment process, resulting in a flawlessly refined finish.

“The assembly process brings the chair to life, employing a careful arrangement of bolts and screws to form a captivating continuous loop. A meticulously placed spacer introduces uniformity between successive panels, creating a mesmerizing moiré pattern. This mesmerising repetition continues until the desired width is achieved, culminating in a visual masterpiece.”

The Slank occasional chair is locally available at Pierre Cronje. Creators of fine wooden furniture, Pierre Cronje is well-known for its expert craftsmanship and winning designs, both classic and contemporary.

Contact: Pierre Cronje.
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