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OKHA’s new Repose sofa

Characterised by its fluid, organic shape, OKHA’s new Repose sofa is a true statement design.

Sculpted from wood, the curvaceous sofa was originally designed as a bespoke piece for a residential project that required a very specific piece to create a natural circulation pattern in the unusually proportioned space.

“I was drawing something freehand, loose, and fluid and not thinking about the result and where it was heading. The shape created itself, that I then coerced into something you rest and recline on,” says creative director of OKHA Adam Court, of his design, who acknowledges that creating a voluminous, three-dimensional shape from a piece of wood was a complex process.

The company resolved the design complexities step by step. First, they approached the wooden frame – working as if creating a sculptural piece of art. Once the frame was correct, extensive foam shaping and modelling followed to create the final piece.

“Creating the Repose was a very gratifying process for me as a designer as I come from a fine-art background, and sculpture was one of my passions,” adds Court. 

“Given that I have no formal design training or CAD skills (I draw everything by hand and build models), the result was extremely satisfying (as we all know, it is not always.) The concept that had for some time been germinating in my head had managed to be transmitted from a mental concept through to drawings and then workshopped into a full-scale physical form without losing any of its original intent. I believe the greatest success of the design is how it immediately provokes an emotional and visceral response from the viewer.”

The Repose sofa is available via OKHA in five sizes with either a wood or brass base and can also be customised to include matching ottomans.




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