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Furniture Jul 24, 2023

OKHA Design Studio

A way of being.

Cape Town-based OKHA Design Studio is well-known for its boundary-pushing ideas, innovative furniture designs and forward-thinking vision.

To showcase this visionary spirit and approach to design, the company has created the OKHA MANIFESTO.

“Embodying our core values, showcasing key products and encapsulating the essence of our design philosophy, the MANIFESTO is a visual journey that will transport you into the heart of OKHA’s love affair with design,” says the company.

“Okha is a pioneering voice for African furniture design. Led by creative director Adam Court, our studio reflects the perfect ecology of asymmetry and balance. by favouring artisanal over industrial production, we imprint our pieces with the human touch, lending them a characteristic quality that reveals its nuances over time.”


“Like nature, our furniture resonates with a unique energy that makes itself known in a living space. Forms that begin as intuitive pencil sketches are worked until angles and curves settle, ultimately arriving at a predestined state of being. These lines, drawn on paper and then crafted by hand into functional furniture, inhabit a room, communicating with those who rest within their folds.”

Encapsulating this design philosophy are iconic OKHA pieces that best reflect the studio’s approach.

These include the Repose sofa, which is characterised by its fluid, organic shape and sculptural wood base, as well as the Tectra side table, the Metsing side table and the Proxima table – all based on intuitive shapes that were carefully worked until statement furniture pieces arose.



Visceral works in raw, natural materials with a deep emotional connection to the designer and, ultimately, the user.

“Boldly brutal or elegantly contoured, our designs follow the natural form of their material. Every curve lends a purpose and voice; each negative space becomes its own shape and message. Undefined, metamorphic and ambiguous – just like humans themselves – this is furniture made for living environments.”




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