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Moroso @ Milan Design Week

We’re filled with wonder and anticipation at this year’s Milan Design Week. The exclusive international design event sees a triple presence of Moroso: an installation designed by Patricia Urquiola in Milan’s historic showroom on Via Pontaccio which features the newest collections; Forest Wandering, an immersive sensory event dedicated to the Swedish duo Front Design’s study on nature at the Teatro Filodrammatici di Milano and finally, at the Show itself, the collaboration with Diesel Living.

More than Reels at the Showroom

Patricia Urquiola’s intervention in a complex space such as the Moroso showroom at Via Pontaccio 8/10 is deliberately and unequivocally rational. Her aim was to show a single material in two different aspects: soft and solid. Kvadrat Really, a rigid, felted material, hints at Moroso and Patricia Urquiola’s aim to alter a space by using recycled material while creating balance and harmony with the environment and nature.

The design is environmentally friendly, starting with the use of easily exploitable and reusable modules and especially of a material made from recycled cotton and wool, derived from textile industry offcuts and Kvadrat production scraps. Durability is a fundamental part of the project, which will characterise Moroso’s space until the end of 2022.

There are many new products on offer, also in terms of sustainability research.


Anorak is the new modular system designed by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso, where wearability becomes the prelude to a new way of living and thinking about upholstered seating. It is a new language.


Pebble Rubble

The new collection by the Swedish duo Front, Pebble Rubble, is also present in Via Pontaccio: a sensory experience. An illusion that lures us and captivates us, altering our perception of space and time. Alongside our frenetic daily routine, nature’s slow and boundless rhythm.

In Pebble Rubble the most evident characteristic is the similarity of the upholstered volumes to those massive rocks, polished by the tireless rain and wind and cloaked by an organic or plant layer capable of softening its roughness and making the surfaces comfortable and welcoming.

The new collection by the Swedish duo Front, Pebble Rubble

Somewhere Collection

The new project for Moroso by Dutch designer Wieki Somers, Somewhere represents an important step in the company’s research into a more sustainable way of producing. The Somewhere Collection is thus composed of a series of daybeds and a bookshelf system. Furthermore, it is produced entirely from Solid Textile Board of Kvadrat Really, a sustainable material made of recycled wool and cotton.

Jonathan Olivares: Square


A new product is presented by Jonathan OlivaresSquare. This is upholstered seating subsequently made for the new Kvadrat showroom in New York and is now introduced into the Moroso product catalogue.

Square was subsequently created as a work chair and is characterised by essential geometric shapes and precise, necessary lines. Furthermore, it is lightweight and easy to move. Its geometry thus allows for the free and informal use of seating surfaces. In fact, the backrest also lends itself to becoming a multifunctional tabletop.

The Somewhere Collection

Forest Wandering al Teatro Filodrammatici di Milano

The evocative setting of the Teatro Filodrammatici is renowned for its 20th-century architecture by Luigi Caccia Dominioni. This includes the underground auditorium, the plastic staircase leading to the galleries and stalls and Francesco Somaini‘s mosaic decorations. This subsequently creates the ideal setting for Forest Wandering. Furthermore, the event features the work of Swedish designers Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren of Front Design.

The installation was thus organised in collaboration with Kvadrat Febrik. It, therefore, continues Front’s immersive project Design by nature: a play of light, sound and projected images, evoking the natural environment. Open from 7 – 10 June.

More than just simulation, this evocative setting is rooted in a long research project. Here designers explored the therapeutic effects of nature on people’s physical and mental health. They also looked at the cultural and psychological significance of unspoilt environments, particularly those of their native Sweden.

At the show: Diesel Living with Moroso

Moroso is in Rho Fair with Diesel Living, presenting a “moving” stand, with distorted reality and special effects intended to highlight the multitude of changes over the past two years of pandemics and lockdowns. Reality moves, bringing to life bookcases, coffee tables, lamps and sofas and turning objects upside down. It’s a captivating mood well-suited to a company like Diesel Living, always at the cutting edge.

There are some new additions to the Diesel Living with Moroso family: the Nebula armchair and tables and Galaxy Table collections.

For more visit Milan Design Week and Moroso.

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