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Furniture Feb 16, 2024

Minimalism is more than decluttering with Chair Crazy.

With Chair Crazy here are the short answer: All Minimalists live without clutter, but not all who declutter become minimalists. To really capture minimalism in interior design, you need to create a space that allows the mind to settle, free from distractions.

The beauty about this highly versatile and adaptable way of life is that it can work for any individual’s style. Drawing inspiration from simplicity and harmonious design principles, mindful minimalism emphasises clean lines, natural materials and/or a calming colour palette. So, nothing too fussy – Just a tidy space with carefully selected pieces.

If you’re ready to simplify your life, the key is to always start with the furniture. The biggest thing in any room is the furniture, so it’s important to begin there.  Steer clear of patterns and complicated pieces.

Also, stick to a neutral base colour and embrace hues such as whites, off-whites, earthy tones and soft greys Textures should also be understated yet functional, and when it comes to décor, select only a few meaningful items that hold significance. (Consider introducing elements inspired by nature, such as a simple stone sculpture or a small bonsai tree).


Discover the beauty in simplicity with our incredible range of affordable seating solutions. Each and every product we stock has been carefully selected, as be believe furniture should have its rightful place and blend perfectly together with other exiting pieces.

Whether it’s your living area, dining room or patio, you too can introduce a clean, comfortable and clutter-free space.

Embrace the understated and purposeful with Chair Crazy. Featured here is our classic Petal Chair, a solid bent wood design that includes oak with plywood, making it durable enough for the toughest environments. Our Billie Chair is lightweight and stackable, making it a flexible addition to any dining space.

Then, of course, there’s the popular Camden Stool which is wonderfully homely with its clean lines and natural materials.


All currently in stock – Browse our full range here:
Simple. Functional. Beautiful

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