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Meet the team at Woodlam, a specialist furniture manufacturer for the restaurant and hospitality industries.

 A specialist furniture manufacturer for the restaurant and hospitality industries, Woodlam has stood as a beacon of quality and innovation since its inception in 1991.

This South African company has carved a niche for itself by producing top-notch moulded plywood and solid wood furniture, tailored especially for the hospitality and contract industry. Heading this furniture design revolution is Søren Henrik Bang Lassen, a Danish-born visionary who has been at the forefront of the industry for over three decades.

Every piece of furniture that emerges from Woodlam’s workshop is a testament to Lassen’s vision of design excellence and superior quality. Whether it’s moulded plywood or solid wood frames, Woodlam provides options that can be stained to accentuate the natural wood grain or painted for that chic bohemian appeal. While their upholstery service offers the flexibility to meet clients’ specifications, including the use of clients’ fabric, making each piece unique.

Woodlam collaborates closely with clients on design, ensuring that each piece complements its surroundings and meets the highest standards. The primary materials include in-house manufactured moulded plywood components, solid wood, and steel frames. The process of moulding plywood involves layers of thin wood veneers glued together, resulting in exceptionally strong components due to the elimination of many joints needed in conventional furniture assembly. This strength and durability are crucial for the rigorous demands of the contract and office applications.

The finishing process is just as meticulous, with multiple sanding stages and the use of tough reaction-type lacquer. Steel frames undergo a seven-stage cleaning and preparation process, culminating in a baked epoxy powder coating.

It’s these high standards along with their keen attention to detail, their mastery of traditional and modern craftsmanship, and their fusion of Danish design with a unique South African touch that set Woodlam apart.

In short, Woodlam’s furniture isn’t just furniture; it’s artistry in wood and design.


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