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Furniture Aug 10, 2021

Maldini: The Porada 2021 Collection

The new 2021 collection by Porada is all about high-quality pieces with timeless style. Find these and other Porada products locally through agents Maldini.

The new 2021 Collection holds Porada’s vision of domestic ambience, rooted in a consistent design style. This has become more and more defined over time. In the research of materials and shapes,  flexibility and functionality are constantly evolving.

The new collections are designed to seamlessly fit into every space, highlighting its design pattern. The pieces of furniture and the living spaces subsequently intertwine. These cohesively become one harmonious whole, embodied in the latest proposals of wooden panelling and custom dividers to add a personal touch to every space.

The inspiration is often drawn from Mies Van Der Rhoe interiors, with reminiscences of the upper‐class architectural projects of the 50’s by Albini and Gardella. Featuring polished and elegant lines, each product is enriched by the manual work of skilled artisans. Each features refined sartorial details, which represent the added value Porada always delivers.



The Beam table is the perfect example: direct descendant of the Alan table, it captures the iconic half‐moon shaped bases, joined together by a wooden girder.

Beam table

Chiba coffee tables and Saitama back‐sofa console, created by David Dolcini, are a natural extension of the Kanto sideboard, launched last year. Featuring the same minimal yet sophisticated personality that makes Kanto stand out so effortlessly, both series have inherited the graphic black lacquered aluminium base, though the design has been slightly revisited due to the different end‐uses.

New classic of the Porada collection, the Copine tub chair introduced last year is now presented in a bergère version. Preciously treated in every detail – common thread of the collaboration between Porada and Buratti – Copine is revisited with a higher, enveloping, tapered back that gracefully supports the back and shoulders.



The Softbay collection, unveiled last year, is now enriched with two new products: an armchair and a bed. This latter features gentle shapes and four solid wooden feet in canaletta walnut, placed at the four corners as the main character of this design. The Softbay bed subsequently projects us into a parallel universe of supple comfort. It thus effortlessly captures all the attention in the room.


Furthermore, the Softbay armchair joins the sofa to fully decorate the living room. Perfect fit for smaller and cosier areas, this armchair is therefore characterized by elegantly balanced proportions. It therefore accommodates an upholstered seat, back and armrests – the epitome of comfort in its higher form.




In addition to reinterpretations and remakes of existing products, there is plenty of room for brand new designs. Like the Leaf series, created by Patrick Jouin as an ode to the natural veins of the wood, where “the beauty of nature itself becomes the main graphic element” as the designer explains. Leaf features a wooden top and a curved leg that softly raise up from a marble base. These totemic objects are therefore defined by a combination of exquisite materials whose natural veins intertwine, engaging in conversation.



Coquet, by Buratti, is a new series of side and coffee tables offering a more modern take on the classical features of this design. Nestled on slightly tilted metal legs, the marble tops are characterized by a sophisticated, bevelled edge. Available in multiples heights and dimensions, these side and coffee tables are thus purposely designed to be placed in a living room. Add it in front of sofas or between two armchairs, or next to a bed, serving as night tables.


Furthermore, the exquisite balance of materials and finishes, combined with seamlessly refined details, embodies the signature style Porada and Buratti have created through every project developed together.


Created by the hand of the historic designer Tarcisio Colzani, Gamen is a sectional screen consisting of alternating curved modules and Plissé is a wall mirror with a strong contemporary aesthetic, adding character even to the crampiest of spaces.



Lagom is a series of three poufs designed and imagined by Tollgård & Castellani. It takes its name from a characteristically Swedish approach to getting life just right. Enhanced by a wooden handle, these poufs effortlessly fit in to the living area. Furthermore, these are great for setting up cheerful moments of conviviality.

Backstage mirror is the latest piece designed by the young Nava+Arosio to join the collection. This comes as evidence of the deep connection between Porada and the new talents entering the world of design.


Noble materials are preciously combined with new finishes. This creates a vision of a contemporary yet timeless lifestyle. What could sound like an oxymoron is the true essence of Porada: contemporary and timeless.

The result is thus the clear and precise identity of a multicultural, cosy and tailor‐made home.

Discover the latest from Porada now available through Maldini.

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