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Furniture Jul 14, 2021

Maldini: A Look Inside Porada’s Cabiate Showroom

Porada Furniture offers a harmonious blend of contemporary inspirations and time-honoured artisanal skills. Here, designs honour the ‘made in Italy’ guarantee of high quality. Shop real imported Italian furniture from top brands like Porada, now available at Maldini.

The Porada showroom in the historic Cabiate headquarters is renewed to give the collections even more space. This environment is designed to accommodate an eloquent idea of ​​a contemporary home.

The architectural volumes reflect an international taste. This is emphasized by the brightness and proportion of the rooms. The inspiration comes from the historical architectures of Carlo Scarpa, Ignazio Gardello and Luigi Caccia Dominioni.

The choice of materials and finishes plays with the warm tones of white contrasted with grays and in contrast with the floor is dark wood. A raised island in the central part with clear resin creates an environment alternative even brighter.

Some “breaking” elements are found on the walls: black material, canaletta walnut wood paneling and textured wallpapers.

Mixed Materials

The Porada house finds its perfect location in open and bright spaces. Natural wood products are
combine with dark elements in stained wood, marbles, metals, leathers, all tone on tone. Fabrics welcome in predominantly neutral colours. Furthermore, whites and greys are present with small hints of colour.

Over 850 square meters are dedicated to the Porada universe in all its forms. It is capable of surprising the customer. It further provides the most effective representation of a design ideal. Alongside the more recent collections, you can find the great classics. Also discover a room entirely dedicated to materials – showing the infinite possibilities of personalization of the collections.

Top designers

Porada’s collection is wide and varied, made up of a multitude of occasional furniture developed in cooperation with top designers. This includes Marconato and Zappa, Carlo Ballabio, David Dolcini, Emmanuel Gallina, Patrick Jouin, Tarcisio Colzani, Staffan Tollgard, Studio Opera, Gino Carollo, Dainelli Sudio and Studio Buratti among others.

The main strength of Porada is also, and most important, something else. Something that has nothing to do with the quality of the materials or cutting-edge machinery. It’s the human factor. They’re people who for years have become part of this family. Furthermore, they treat products as they would with something of their own, putting all their care and passion in their daily work.

The style and the aesthetics of furniture today has become something to be noticed and appreciated. The grand world of furniture design, is therefore one full of shapes, textures, colours and luxury.

It is what dreams are made of.

More about Maldini

At Maldini, each collection has been selected for its unique design, manufacturing and attention to detail for the discerning buyer. Their 700 square meter showroom is subsequently the largest contemporary Italian furniture showroom in Africa.

Shop authentic Italian furniture from top international brands at Maldini.


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