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Leonardo Design: Everything You Need To Know About Styling A Console Table

A console table is one of those multi-functional and super versatile pieces in the home. Use it to create a grand entryway or allow it to complete your dining room. Learn to style your console table like a pro with our top tips and spectacular range of tables now on offer from Leonardo Design.

Pick your finish

Tables today are available in an assortment of materials, from bold metallic finishes to warm wood, concrete, stone and more. Choose a bold finish to complement your home and add to the overall ambience of your room. An interesting material choice can certainly attract the eye and complement the designer look you’re after.

Placement matters

Before styling your chosen console table, be sure to find the right position in your room where this piece can take pride of place. We love bold consoles as you walk through the front door, but a console may do equally well in a living space, entertainment room, dining room or foyer. Where will you place yours?

Styling potential

Now that you’ve found the right console and position in your home, consider the styling potential of your piece. Is there a bottom shelf that will need decor too, or does your console simply offer one surface on which to showcase your wares? Remember that if your console rests against a wall, you will also need to consider the placement of items against the wall to add to the overall look. A framed mirror or bold statement artwork mounted above your console will add an air of sophistication and colour. What will you choose?


Curate and layer your surface

Choose decor and accents that bring colour, height and texture to your console surface. Add height by stacking books or choose taller vases or candle holders. Shapely pieces will bring interest and texture to your table top, so think about mixed materials such as ceramics, glass, wood and concrete for a more eclectic yet textured feel. Group items for impact and choose decor that you love and that adds to the happy, designer look you want to achieve.

Light it up

A simple lamp or table light is often the ideal choice for a styled console table. This is also the perfect way to add illumination to your new table and that special position in your room. Choose a lamp base and shade that you love and that will further add to the look of your little styled space.

Find the perfect console table with a wide variety now on offer from Leonardo Design.


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