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Furniture Feb 28, 2022

Laser Edge: The Acrylic & Transparent Furniture Trend

As modern interiors become more compact and multi-purpose, designers are fast thinking out of the box to create innovative new furniture offerings that fit into this dynamic. One such trend is acrylic furniture. With a transparent appearance, the furniture in this trend fits into just about any design scheme. And we are in love with the possibilities!

From the dining room to the bedroom and kitchen, acrylic furniture items can give your space a lift. Where dark and heavy materials can cause a room to feel closed in and even cluttered, acrylic furniture seems to do the opposite. Especially in smaller spaces, acrylic and transparent furniture allows light and airiness to shift and play through your whole room.

A design statement

Furthermore, whether it is just a lamp, cocktail table, or chair, these pieces minimize the impact of bold accessories thanks to their sleek lines and sharp edges. We also love the nod towards modern design in acrylic furniture. It easily gives a design an edgy ambience – one where you’re drawn in to appreciate the space and the clever use of materials like acrylic.

Versatility and Style

The beauty of acrylic pieces is that you can also dress them up or down as needed. A simple acrylic dining chair alone is a statement piece. But you can add a pop of colour and texture with beautiful upholstery, cushions and more to fit your colour scheme. In the same way, an acrylic table offers a beautifully refined look, but with a few decor accents, you can keep changing the look and ambience of your room as you please. Versatility and style are key here. And unlike glass, you won’t have to worry about the heavy maintenance of your acrylic furniture. In a family home, glass items may become more of a hazard than a luxury, but with acrylic you can have greater piece of mind too.

Find the perfect acrylic piece to elevate your interior at Laser Edge Designs and Acryluso. 


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