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Kare Design: What’s The Perfect Sofa Layout For Your Living Room?

Modern living rooms come in all shapes and sizes. Finding the perfect layout for your furniture may be tricky. However, here we share a few designer tips for arranging your sofa and maximising your space.

Sofa So Good

Your sofa or couch is quite possibly one of the biggest furniture pieces in your living room. Whether you have just one or an entire set of sofas, you need to carefully consider the layout to ensure good flow and functionality in your space. The size of your room will help you determine the right size of sofa to fit the space.

In smaller spaces – Choose compact sofas that take up less space. Less bulky pieces are the safest option here. Smaller one or two-seaters are often the ideal solution.

In bigger spaces – Play around with the layout. If your living room is open plan, you can also arrange your furniture to create different zones for lounging, entertainment and more.

Simple Arrangements Used By Designers:

There are some simple arrangements you can use to achieve a designer look at home. These include:

Formal layouts: Create a space for conversation with two sofas facing each other, separated by a coffee table.

Smaller rooms: Choose a single sofa and use this as a staple in your room. Add a few occasional chairs which will make better use of the space and add an area rug to tie it all together.

Open plan: Consider the placement of windows and doors and arrange your furniture so that you make full use of the space. A corner sofa is often ideal to create a seating zone here. The way to go is multipurpose, with a U-shape seating arrangement that gives a large area a sense of focus and intimacy alongside a separate dining space.

Some of our favourites include:

The Sofa Spectra 3-Seater from Kare Design – it has a curved, inviting form. A velvety cover in brassy yellow. Cuddly but very elegant upholstery. ( The secret is, by the way, the linear quilting, which was popular back in the 1940s/1950s) In short: this three-seater has room-filling charisma!

Corner Sofa Infinity Ottomane Grey from Kare Design – Laid-back and inviting, that’s how the corner sofa with ottoman Infinity presents itself. This sofa is a smart crossover of reduced chic, lounge style and casual elegance. The ottoman also makes this couch extremely versatile, enabling it to be used as an extension of the seating area or placed freely in the room as an additional seat or coffee table. Infinity is ideal for the loft, but fits just as well into a classical environment.

Sofa Metropol 4-Seater Grey from Kare Design – The buttoned upholstery and curved shape are typical of classic Chesterfield upholstered furniture. Here comes the modern version – cube-shaped and with a velvet-look cover, almost even more inviting than in the classic leather version. Thanks to its width of more than two metres, this sofa is also a wonderful place to take a midday nap or accommodate an uncomplicated overnight guest.

Looking for the perfect yet personalised piece to compliment your living space? Kare Design offers a range of quirky yet contemporary furniture, and sofas, for modern living.

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