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Furniture Jun 16, 2021

Kare Design: Low Coffee Tables Are Trending

There are hundreds of different coffee table styles and shapes on the market today. However, if you’re looking for a family-friendly, versatile piece for your living room, low coffee tables are currently on-trend… and we can see why! Here we share some of the things we really love about low coffee tables with a few of our top picks available from Kare Design.

What’s a low coffee table?

The standard height of a regular coffee table often depends on the seating in the room and the height it needs to serve. As the name suggests, low coffee tables are only a few centimetres higher than the seat of your couch. This makes for easy access and a beautifully grounded piece of furniture in the room.

Why we love low-lying tables?

  • Low coffee tables are great for families. This is especially true in a home with young children where kids can easily use them too.
  • Low coffee tables often appear to be more sturdy and closer to the ground. This could mean fewer spills and accidents.
  • Shorter tables will not obstruct your eye line. In fact, it may help to draw the eye downwards where you could place a beautiful plush rug or stylish flooring to complete your room’s design.
  • They are also a little unconventional and will give your room a unique and interesting focal point.


When shopping for a coffee table, be sure to consider the different shapes and materials on offer. Wood is a classic choice but many modern materials should not be overlooked. Stone, marble, metal and even concrete are great alternatives.

Some of our top picks from Kare Design:

Coffee Table Collector Nature

A wonderful old display case with legs. The Collector coffee table is great for both accommodating small treasures and presenting them stylishly. But the best thing is that there s a secret compartment below – for your favourite wines, for example.

Coffee Table Layered

The colour combination of black, white and light wood is elegant and eternally young. This generously spaced side table can be combined with minimalist furniture or provide a chic contrast to soft upholstered furniture in velvet. The two geometric tops invite you to use the coffee table not only as a functional storage unit, but also to decorate it with bouquets of flowers and accessories.

Wonder White Coffee Table

Round coffee tables are the perfect complement to cube-shaped, angular sofas, making the Wonder round table the icing on the cake in any interior. In addition, a coffee table like this with its marble look and brass colour finish works wonders in terms of style. This gem looks great in any room. It’s also practical because the glass top can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Coffee Table Milano

This high-end furniture collection stands for exquisite Italian elegance. Perfect proportions and the use of premium materials result in luxury class furniture. The furniture design of the Milano series celebrates the art of “less is more”, and gives rooms a stylish, dignified ambience.

Lowboard Lounge M Mobile Bronze

A beautiful table on castors for easy movement. We love the curved edges which give this piece contemporary flair. Mobile, practical, laid-back… you can use many different adjectives to describe this striking table – the perfect addition to any living space.

Solo Marble Black Oval Coffee Table

Coffee tables are similar to handbags – they create the exclamation point of a look. It’s not only the round shape of this elegant marble table that is captivating, but also the magical black shining tulip base. This modern, round coffee table offers an exclusive marble look with an easy-care top. An elegant tulip base features a shiny black lacquer – for a classic design.

Shop our favourites and more at Kare Design.

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