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Furniture Jun 28, 2022

Kare Design: High-End Nightclub Styles You Can Create At Home

Plush seating, feature lights, and dark and dramatic interiors. These are just some of the qualities we love about modern nightclub interiors. So, why not bring this unique style to your favourite room at home? Follow these tips to create your own statement high-end club vibe at home with staples from Kare Design.

Nightclubs are all about the party, right? Creating a space where you can let your hair down and enjoy the company of others. So, with this aim in mind, think about the furniture and accessories that will bring the party home. Create your own unique nightclub setup at home and keep the party going, long after dark.

Set the mood

Nightclubs are typically dark and intriguing. A place of mystery and wonder. To achieve this ambience at home, opt for a dark colour palette and dimmed lighting. In fact, your choice of lighting can totally transform your space into the right setting for a party. So, choose wisely and avoid bright overhead lighting for your party.

High-end finishes

Create a luxurious feel with high-end finishes and quality furniture. Think – a blend of materials with plush, furry finishes and metallic accents. Gold, copper and even silver accents will bring a little shine to your interior. Be sure to incorporate these and other fun accent materials and colours to bring a pop of sophistication to your room.

Statement pieces

There is space for neutral or boring in a nightclub environment. As such, your choice of furniture should be a wow factor and create a talking point amongst guests. Kare Design brings us a range of playful and intriguing furniture choices to make that wow statement in your room. How about The Swivel Armchair Eye Ball Brass. This is a deluxe retro swivel armchair in brass with cream-coloured, easy-care covers on the inside. James Bond would love it, with the 360-degree swivel function you can discreetly keep an eye on everything! Very classy: the outer shell looks spectacular with its riveted and polished brass.

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