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Furniture Mar 10, 2021

Kare Design: Choose A Coffee Table Like A Pro

With so many materials, shapes and sizes of coffee tables available today, the right choice can be quite tricky. If you’re looking for the ideal find, then follow this guide and choose a coffee table like a pro.

Size it Up

Larger living rooms will require bigger coffee tables to maximise the space. A small table in a big room could appear lost and out of place. Your table should fit in comfortably, so be sure to measure up and choose a table that best fits the size of the room.

Consider the Height

Tables come in varying heights to suit your needs. A modern living space may do well with a low-lying table that oozes contemporary living. However, if your couches are quite high off the ground, a low-lying table may be quite uncomfortable. Be sure to consider the height and proportion of your table in comparison to the other furniture in your room.

What about Shape?

Next up, you will want to think about your choice of coffee table shape. Whether square, rectangle, oval or circular, your coffee table should offer sufficient clearance from other furniture to make for a comfortable look in your living room. You want to be able to walk around your table without feeling cramped in or that your table is more of an obstacle than an asset in your room.


Material matters

The possible materials are endless and each has its own pros and cons. Striking glass is timeless, but when you have little kids in your home, glass may be a hazard. Bold wood is a classic choice, but this may need a little maintenance to keep it in tip-top condition. Other options include marble, stone, concrete, plastic, rattan, metal and more. The choices are endless but consider your needs and the functionality of your table. Choose wisely as this will be a worthy investment in your living room.

Kare Design brings us all the latest trends with a wide selection of beautiful tables to suit any space. Shop the look online at Kare Design.

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