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Furniture Jul 22, 2020

Kare Design: 5 Steps To Creating The Perfect Cigar Lounge

A cigar lounge at home is the ultimate spoil. A place to hang back, relax with your mates and indulge in your prized collection of cigars. But what does it take to create the perfect cigar lounge? Here we share five tips with our must-have solutions from Kare Design.

1. The ideal room

The perfect cigar lounge is private and cut-off from the rest of your home. Like your own personal retreat, it should offer enough privacy to remain secluded indoors, yet be big enough to invite friends over and enjoy the company of other cigar lovers.

Our tip: Design your cigar lounge away from the rest of your family living quarters. The room should be insulated enough that cigar smoke does not permeate into the rest of your home.

2. Consider the layout

You’ll definitely need a place to display your cigars. A bold cabinet or built-in shelving are great options to showcase your wares. The room should also have enough space for big, bold furniture pieces to suit the layout, as well as a few fun essentials such as a pool table, games board or bar area – to suit your unique needs.

Our tip: measure up the space ahead of purchasing furniture to ensure that everything fits well and there is still enough space for comfortable movement and flow between zones.

3. Choose the best finishes

Your typical cigar lounge oozes with masculine style and finishes. Think wood, metal, leather and more to bring texture and tone to the space. Similarly, your furniture choice should echo this bold, masculine trend. A statement leather armchair such as the Country Side Armchair (6) by Kare Design is a must-have statement piece in this space. A functional bar area will add to the ambience and we love Kare’s Bar Lodge (1) to elevate any cigar lounge.

Our tip:  Go for darker shades of paint to help set the mood. Think bold black, brown or red tones for a feature wall. Dark wooden cabinets and floors will also complete the look.

4. Texture and Soft Furnishings

Create the mood with textured fabrics and decor. Consider the finishes of your window treatments, rugs and more for added aesthetic. We love natural textures to enhance a game lodge feeling in the ultimate cigar lounge.

Our tip: Tie textures in to the masculine theme. A bold hide rug (8) complements the dark tones of natural wood and will also add another dimension to the flooring.

5. Accessories with purpose

In a cigar lounge, your accessories should complement the theme of the space. Think about the smaller details that will help to enhance your room. Whether it is a simple table lamp or objet d’ art – each piece should work together to complete the overall look.

Our tip: Decide on a theme and bring this into the subtle details of the cigar lounge. A wooden lodge theme or African safari theme are both bold, masculine choices. Kare Design’s Monkey Gorilla Side (7), and Elephant Side Table (4) are our top picks for the ultimate space.

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