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JB Furniture Presents The Outeniqua Pine Range

Hey there, furniture enthusiasts! Big news – we’re rolling out the red carpet for this latest creation: the Outeniqua Pine Range from JB Furniture, now decked out in a gorgeous White Linen finish. It’s like the Classic Outeniqua Range got a stylish makeover, bringing a touch of classic charm to your space in a whole new way.

Picture this: solid pine, now bathed in a dreamy White Linen hue. The Outeniqua Pine Range is here to redefine your home decor game, blending timeless beauty with a contemporary twist. Whether you’re sprucing up your living room, giving your bedroom a facelift, or upgrading your entertainment hub, this range is designed to make a statement.

Let’s talk centrepieces – JB Furniture’s Coffee Tables are stealing the show. These beauties aren’t just for coffee; they’re the heart of your living room setup. And now, with the White Linen finish, they’re like a breath of fresh air, turning your space into a welcoming haven for family and friends.

Storage, anyone? The 4 Drawer Chest and 2 Drawer Dresser in the Outeniqua Pine Range are here to save the day. They bring ample storage space to the table without compromising on style. The White Linen finish adds a touch of serenity to your bedroom, making it a cosy retreat for relaxation.

But we’re not done yet! The Pedestals and Plasma Unit in the Outeniqua Pine Range are the finishing touches your space deserves. Pedestals for handy storage and a Plasma Unit that’s ready for all your entertainment needs. It’s like the perfect cherry on top for a space that’s both functional and fab.

Why White Linen, you ask? Because it’s all about that timeless vibe. It’s a colour that plays well with any decor style, letting you express your unique personality. Plus, it brings a sense of calm and simplicity – the kind of vibes you want for a home that feels like a sanctuary.

The Outeniqua Pine Range in White Linen is where classic meets casual cool. Solid pine, a splash of dreamy white, and voilà – you’ve got a space that’s effortlessly chic and totally welcoming. Upgrade your home with the Outeniqua Pine Range.


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