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Furniture Jun 18, 2021

Incanda: Hello Hamlet

We are extremely excited to introduce the latest addition to the Incanda couch family – the Hamlet. Ockerlene Endemann, Head of Furniture Design at Incanda, gave us some insight into the design process and the story behind the Hamlet.

Q: What did you wish to accomplish with the addition of the Hamlet couch to Incanda’s range of couches?

A: The inspiration behind the Hamlet couch was to take the best elements from our most popular (or favourite) couches and create the perfect everyday couch. To go smaller and lighter while not compromising on comfort or style. A couch for every space that fits perfectly into any interior style.

The Hamlet delivers on all the above.

Q: What are some of the Hamlet couch’s key features?


  • Softer cushions ensuring a more relaxed and comfortable feel.
  • A classic yet modern design that can stand out or blend into any interior theme.
  • Smaller dimensions that work well in smaller spaces while still providing maximum seating space.
  • Clean straight lines and tapered, solid wood legs, giving it a light, modern look.

Q: What sets the Hamlet corner unit apart?

A: The mini corner unit with daybed is perfect for smaller living spaces where you want the comfort of a corner unit without it taking up too much space.

Q: Anything exciting in the pipeline for the near future?

A: We are always refining our selection and you can expect more comfort and a wider selection of couch styles and chairs to be added to our existing range in the coming months.

Keeping with all things new and fresh, here are some quick and easy tips to revive your interior space! 


    1. Go for green:

    Introducing lush indoor plants is one of the easiest ways to breathe some life into your interior space. Green foliage adds an urban jungle feel and with such a wide variety to choose from, you will easily find one, or ten, that enhances and compliments your style and space perfectly.


    2. Bring in some baskets

    For an easy and affordable way to decorate and liven up your living space, just add a couple of baskets. Woven baskets are naturally textured and usually feature beautiful patterns and colours. This makes them ideal decorative and functional items that can be used as planters or for storing blankets and throws. Grouped together, they work very well to fill up a dull corner or space.

    3. Add a natural, textured rug:

    Another efficient and cost-effective way to update an interior space is by adding a rug. Besides the contrast in textures this achieves, it also adds warmth and softness. A well-placed rug can also work wonders to tie the various elements in a setting together. Opting for a neutral colour rug allows for room to play around with colour elsewhere which is always a plus.

    4. Scatter some scatters and style some throws:

    The one time you can afford to be bold and a bit daring with décor choices is when it comes to choosing scatters. Play around with shapes and sizes and off-set different textures against one another. It’s a good idea to still stick to one primary colour that repeats itself in different elements so that you don’t lose harmony in your space. Throws always help to warm up a space, making it inviting and comfortable. Whether draped over a couch or tucked into a basket nearby, throws are not only visually appealing, but a must have for winter.

    5. Come together around your coffee table:

    If you have a lovely collection of platters and snack bowls, don’t keep them tucked away until guests arrive – display them! A coffee table can be so much more than just that. This is a place where you can share a bit about yourself by displaying some of your favourite items. Rotate the items every now and again to keep it interesting. One thing to steer clear of though – don’t display items that are too high and will obstruct your view.


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