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How to add a touch of lush greenery to your home with Studio Delta.

Still going strong, biophilic design has turned from a trend to a lifestyle, with designers and homeowners embracing all that nature has to offer, from materials to mental respite.

“Plants are one of the few ornamental pieces that don’t just have an aesthetic value but that are also beneficial for your health,” says Studio Delta, a Pretoria-based design practice.

Here, Studio Delta shares how to add a touch of lush greenery to your home in a contemporary way.

Have a game plan 

“Before turning your home into a green paradise, evaluate your space: Think about your climate, which spaces in your home you would like to add plants to and how much light these spaces let in. If you, like most of us, are new to the Green game, opt for low-maintenance choices such as Aloe Vera which basically looks after itself, or the Dracaena Gold Star which can thrive in almost any light conditions. Alternatively, if you were born with a black thumb, high-quality artificial plants will help you achieve the same effect with no upkeep.”

Mix it up

“Bushy, spikey, cascading, flowery and climbing. For an interesting visual element, combine different plant varieties. For instance, mix a Pothos with a snake plant. The heart-shaped light green leaves of the Pothos will make for a striking contrast with the sword-like dark green leaves of the snake plant. Another tip for using contrast to create interest is to place your greenery at different eye levels. Use tall plants at floor level and mix them with vines that cascade from open shelves and fridges.”

Choose a classic steel planter in black for its modern and minimalist look

“Show off your greenery by choosing a striking planter. Planters have become the most in décor piece, even overtaking the plants for which they are meant. To suit your personal style, choose between a variety of planters in different materials, shapes, sizes, and colours. Our personal favourite is a classic steel planter in black for its modern and minimalist look.”

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