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Geo Cloud: It’s Up & Away With The Up Stool From Interstuhl

It’s Up and away with the UP Stool from Interstuhl – designed as an action seat for those who need to stay on the move.

UP features a convex non-slip bottom that encourages users to rock and shift in all directions, actively engaging a wide range of core muscles and assisting in maintaining lower torso joint mobility.

Designed for short term sitting, the UP Stool is a lightweight, portable, and height adjustable “action seat”. Easily moved between locations, the UP Stool is a perfect office solution for quick meetings, short conversations or brainstorming sessions, or simply for taking short sitting breaks at a sit-stand desk.

At home the lightweight, compact design means the UP Stool can be a used anywhere a temporary seat is required, even as a healthy seat for the kids’ soccer games. With a quick tug of the release strap—which conveniently doubles as a carrying grip—users can set the stool height to any position between 450mm and 630mm for optimum comfort.

The wide range of adjustment means that it can meet the needs of virtually any situation or height of user. The UP Stool has a foam insert which offers a minimal degree of padding ideal for short term usage, and a concave seatpan which is surprisingly accommodating for a wide range of body types.

The simplistic design of the UP Stool is intended for practical usage, durability and easy storage. With a base only 343mm in diameter and less than 457mm high when lowered for storage, the UP Stool can be easily stored in a corner or under a desk. Available in five colours, the UP Stool is suitable for any location where short-term, “active” usage is desired or being encouraged.


Ergonomic Benefits
Reduces Weight Load on Legs and Feet – Contrary to what is becoming “expected” in many workplaces, not all workers are able to stand for extended periods, even short meetings. The UP Stool offers a means for them to reduce the load on their feet and lower joints while still retaining a degree of movement.

“Active Working” Dynamic – The convex base of the UP Stool encourages users to actively move their body while seated. This movement can benefit the entire body as it will exercise core muscles in addition to encouraging users to engage the muscles of the legs as they rock on the UP Stool. Flexing of the muscles of the legs is difficult when in a traditional standing position and can lead to swelling of the lower legs (edema) as blood and fluid collects in them. Relaxed activation of those muscles is encouraged by the UP Stool as the user shifts position and uses them to provide balance. Although minimal, this minor flexing aids in moving fluids back into the circulatory system.

Promotes Health of Spinal Discs – The “Active Working” referred to earlier also has a positive impact on the spine. The continuous movement creates a “pumping” action within the spinal discs. This action aids in drawing nutrients into the discs and expelling waste, resulting in healthier discs.

Increases Mental Alertness – The UP Stool encourages users to be moving which naturally increases mental alertness.

Reduces Risk of Lower Back Pain – For many people, standing in a static position, even for short periods, can lead to lower back pain. By sitting down on the UP Stool the muscles of the lower back are able to rest. Rather than the muscles needing to maintain a constant tension to hold the user in the standing posture, the constant weight shifting encouraged by the UP Stool employs the muscles of the lower back to varying degrees, constantly changing which muscles are activated and the degree of demand put upon them. This is much less fatiguing than static standing and reduces the risk of overstressing the tissues of the lower back. At the same time, it can subtly encourage strengthening as the muscles activate and deactivate in the balancing process.

Expands Comfort Zone – The freedom to lean to the front or side provides users with an extended reach. This expands their comfort zone as compared with a traditional “fixed” seat, providing access to a larger area of the worksurface while at the same time reducing the risk of overextension.

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