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Furniture Aug 31, 2023


If your dreams of beautifully styled coffee tables and bookshelves are being derailed by clutter, read on.

We’ve enlisted the pros at BoConcept to help you organise your home spaces in the most stylish – and functional – ways possible.

Offering a wide variety of versatile storage solutions, BoConcept has a wide range of contemporary storage items, including TV cabinets, customisable wall systems, sideboards, bookcases and more.

“Our range of modern storage furniture is designed to streamline your space and organise your home,” says BoConcept.

“Designed to maximise your home storage capacity while adding a touch of elegance to any room, our customisable wall storage systems and solutions allow you to make the most of any space.”

With BoConcept’s range of wall storage display units, such as the Como wall system or Lugano wall system with drop-down doors, you can create a striking display or hide everyday essentials.


Meanwhile, you can also showcase your literary collection or pretty ceramics or glassware with BoConcept’s timeless bookcases and shelving units available in a range of styles, sizes and finishes. This includes the Como bookcase and the Bordeaux wall system.

In addition, the company’s modular storage solutions also allow clients to create the perfect solution for every storage need.

“The flexibility of modular storage allows you to design a storage solution that is perfect for your needs and the layout of your room. Whether you want to hide storage or display your belongings, our modular storage collections provide endless possibilities for creating a stylish and functional space. 


“Our modular storage furniture collection can be customised to fit even the smallest apartment, the largest living room, or the most demanding office environment. Lugano and Como can both be combined and arranged, as well as mixed and matched, to create the perfect storage solution for your space and needs,” BoConcept explains.



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