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Furniture Jul 20, 2021

Atmosphere Furniture: Decor Tips To Style The Perfect Bookcase

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”

Any collection of books is a welcome addition to a curated interior. Pro designers have been using books to style beautiful and inspired spaces for many decades. If you haven’t quite got the knack just yet, don’t stress. Today we’re talking all things books with top designer tips to help you style the perfect bookcase.

A Designated Area

Books scattered everywhere may work in an eclectic interior, but contemporary spaces often call for greater organisation. Start with a dedicated bookcase to house your favourite collections. A statement bookcase will seamlessly fit into your living room or study with ease. Built-ins are beautiful but can be quite costly. A freestanding bookcase is both more affordable and versatile. And better still, you can create a custom look with a freestanding bookcase to fit into your space. All you need is a few designer styling tips and you’ll be set for success. Read on for these expert tips and more!

Mix it Up

Add colour and interest to your bookcase display with interesting artwork, decor accents and more. This will draw the eye in and create a visual feast that will be more appealing than a simple stack of books alone. Use woven bins and baskets carefully arranged on your shelf for even more texture and tone.

Arrange by Colour

Instead of a haphazard arrangement of books, why not get creative and organise your books by colour. Follow the colour wheel and start with cool colours at the top, and warm tones toward the bottom. This will also be more appealing to the eye as you move from one contrast to the next. It’s a great way to use your bookshelf for added visual stimulus in your living room.


Mix Old and New

Dust off grandpa’s old encyclopaedias and vintage books for a truly eclectic display. We love the ambience of older volumes in a more modern space. It’s a great way to add depth to a bookcase and create a truly curated and personalised display.

Stack both horizontally and vertically

Mix it up and stack your books in varying directions for added interest. For instance, a stack of three or five books horizontally can be topped off with a bold décor piece for added colour and height. Larger coffee table books may work best in this arrangement as it makes for a bigger surface area to work with.

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” ― Stephen King.

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