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Furniture Nov 29, 2021

Atmosphere Furniture: 5 Must-Haves For A Fab Entrance Hall

The entrance to your home should be a focal point; a place that kickstarts the conversation and welcomes guests inside with true elegance. Go bold with some of our top tips stylish picks from Atmosphere Furniture. Your entryway will soon be the talk of the town…

Statement Lighting

Illumination can make or break a space. Step inside a grand entryway and your eyes are immediately drawn up to a gorgeous light fitting. Bold lighting will not only illuminate your space effectively, but will also make a statement right from the get-go!

Top tip: A simple pendant can become a focal point in a spectacular entrance hall. Look for something that adds texture and contrast to your space.

A Striking Mirror

A mirror is a powerful tool in interior design. In a home’s entrance, it can work to reflect light and create the illusion of space.

Top Tip: Look for a mirror that evokes the aesthetic of your room. A vibrant frame in a bold metallic tone could add an elegant touch!

Add a Console Table

Create a cosy and welcoming entrance to your home with a bold console as the first piece of furniture on display in your home. A console can be styled with decor to suit your mood and personality. It can also be a showpiece as guests step inside the front door.

Top Tip: Style your console according to the seasons. As trends change, add seasonal colours and accent pieces to complement the look. This way you can evolve your style and stay up to date with all the latest decor trends.



Don’t forget to add seating

A simple bench or occasional chair can add a touch of comfort and elegance to any entryway. It is also a great way to add texture and create a warm and welcoming ambience in your interior.

Top tip: Choose a seat with luxurious upholstery for a glam factor in your entryway. Your space will become a textural feast for the senses.


Give your entryway a distinct and personalised look with a curated collection of accessories and decor. This is a fun way to add colour, texture and style to your space. It will also be the very first thing guests notice and will help to set the tone and create a great first impression.

Top tip: Invest in quality accessories such as wall art as a focal point above a console table. Other interesting decor needs to add height, texture and tone here. Think sculptural pieces, books, ceramics and more for a high-end designer look.

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