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Furniture Jun 24, 2022

Atmosphere: 5 Ways To Style Your Console Table

A centrepiece in a timeless interior, a simple console table can make a great impact on the look and feel of any room. If you’re not sure how to style this timeless piece, continue reading for our top tips and some great picks now available from Atmosphere Furniture.

Console tables have been around for decades. In fact, large detailed consoles took a prime position in aristocratic mansions and palaces that date back to the late 17th century. Today we continue to admire this popular furniture choice in modern homes. Its versatility is a strength and one that can help to set apart your interior in true style.

Leaving the surface of your console empty is certainly a missed opportunity. Beautifully styled consoles can add an air of sophistication to your home. So today, we’re sharing five ways to style an elegant console table.

1. Light it Up

Lighting can highlight your favourite furniture and decor items. Opt for two large table lamps and place these on either end of your console. This is a sure way to illuminate the space and the items you have on display. Two lamps, instead of one, can also help to create symmetry and bring balance to your styling.

2. Incorporate Art

Whether a leaning piece of art on your console, a sculptural piece, or a wall-mounted frame above the console… art is always a winner! This can give your console added definition and also introduce colour and texture to your room. If your console is located against a dining room wall, for example, a statement artwork above the piece can help to frame the room and add vibrancy to your space.

3. Keep it neutral

If in doubt, a muted, neutral look is always on-trend. Style your console with neutral and organic pieces to achieve the look. Keep with a light colour palette and create cohesion. Choose a mix of textures in neutral shades for added aesthetics. Furthermore, consider working with a theme and ensure that your decor choices tie into this air of neutrality.

4. Add a fresh touch

A vase with florals or an organic element can lift your console and create a vibrant, fresh feel. You can also choose seasonal pieces such as Spring flowers or rustic Winter wooden tones as you please. Items from nature will help to create a natural, organic look. And let’s not forget that fresh blooms can also add wonderful aromatics to your room too!

5. Display antiques

In a statement entryway, use antiques and collectables to style your console table. This will subsequently add some old-world charm to the entrance of your home. Furthermore, it will also make for a welcoming statement as guests arrive.

Top tip: Before you can style your console like a pro, you need a solid base to work with. Choose the perfect console for your interior and let it become an heirloom item. We love timeless wooden pieces as well as those featuring modern materials like metals. This is a fun way to introduce a contemporary touch to your home.

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