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Ashley Furniture: Dining Chairs

For most, the dining room is a vital space to reconnect with loved ones and enjoy meals together. Creating an inviting atmosphere in your dining room starts with choosing the right chairs. Comfortable dining chairs are essential for this. Here, the team from Ashley Furniture share their top tips and tricks for selecting the perfect dining chairs.

A good dining chair strikes a balance between comfort, durability, functionality, and style. Ergonomic design is crucial since you’ll spend a lot of time sitting in them, so look for chairs that provide proper back support and cushioning. Testing chairs in-store can help you assess their comfort level, but customer reviews can be very helpful if you shop online.

Durability and functionality are also important. Choose chairs made from high-quality materials such as wood and metal.

Choosing dining room chairs depends on your personal preferences and the interior design style you want to achieve. The size of your dining table is crucial; your chairs should fit comfortably around it and allow enough space for each guest. Measure your dining space and table to determine the right size and number of chairs. Here are some tips:

  • Chair width is generally between 45 to 50cm, varying based on whether they have arms.
  • Leave 15cm between each chair.
  • Allow 90cm between the table and other furniture or walls to easily push chairs back.

Consider your home’s aesthetic to create a cohesive look. Choose chairs with clean lines and neutral colours like beige and grey for a modern contemporary style.

Deciding between armchairs and armless chairs involves considering comfort, functionality, and style. Some advantages of armchairs include great ergonomic support and an elegant look. Armless chairs, meanwhile, take up less space and are easy to move. It’s also perfect for a less formal look with many stylish and affordable options.

Mixing and matching dining chairs can enhance the visual appeal of your dining room. You can choose matching chairs, mixed head and side chairs or an eclectic mix of different styles, colours, and materials for a unique look.

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