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Ashley Furniture: Decorating Your First Apartment

One of the most memorable times in young adulthood is when you move into your own apartment or home. With an empty space full of possibility, decorating is probably at the forefront of your mind, but it’s important to take it slow and get all the essentials you need first.

In a few easy steps, you can create the apartment of your dreams. Keep in mind, though, that decorating is a slow and steady process, and not a race to the finish line. Sometimes, to find the perfect piece or accent, you have to do a little digging, and that’s okay. Like everything in life, it’s all about enjoying the process and cultivating a style that speaks to your unique personality.


No successful decorating job ever got accomplished on a shoddy foundation. Sure, you’ve probably got hand-me-down furniture, and a worn mattress, but that doesn’t mean you should keep it forever. Your first apartment should feel like home and be a space that expresses YOU. And truth be told, that may not necessarily happen with grandma’s old couch. Make sure you take the time to think about how long you truly want to hang on to certain furniture pieces, and if you’d be better off getting something newer or not. It all depends on your needs.

While you can always refinish or reupholster anything, that adds up in cost and time. Weigh your budgeting options—would you rather spruce up what you already have, or allocate funds toward something new? Whatever you decide, know you’re going to need the following for a bare minimum, furnished apartment:

• A sofa, coffee table, and TV stand for the living room
• A mattress and bed frame for the bedroom
• Cookware and dinnerware
• Lighting for every room (apartment lighting typically isn’t very good)
• Window treatments (there are many affordable options, such as roller shades)
• Extra seating for a guest or two (think multi-purpose like with an office chair or stackable stools)

Other things—such as headboards, a dining set, and side tables—can wait. Without the bare essentials, you’ll be sitting on the floor or sleeping on an air mattress—which isn’t a very pleasant place while scrounging to save after first month’s rent. That said, giving yourself an allocated set of time before the move to save and purchase exactly what you’re looking for is ideal. To help, we’ve got a special surprise at the end of this blog to help you do just that! Stay tuned.

If you’re doubting your eye for design, one tip to keep in mind: when in doubt, go with neutrals. Equal parts timeless and elegant, having a neutral palette in a space always gives off high class panache, sprinkled with picturesque appeal.

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