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Furniture Jan 11, 2022

Ashley Furniture: 3 Ideas For A Summer Dining Room

The ambience of your dining room can drastically change a party’s mood. Thankfully, embracing a summery theme is easy! Here are three ideas to get you started.

Brighten Up Your Colour Palette

Bring summer indoors with a bright colour palette that includes fun patterns. Incorporate colour with accent pieces such as window treatments, rugs or even wall decor. This can make it easier to manage colour in your home. A great summer throw pillow can add a fun beachy island vibe to any space in your dining room. Staying on theme for summer, you can also use the summer Pantone colours as inspiration when deciding which colours would look best in your home.

Furthermore, tabletop decor offers another way to incorporate additional visual interest into your dining space. Adding textile pieces allows you to create visual interest in your space. Elements such as table runners, colourful napkins, and placemats help add style and dimension to the setup. Want something a little more minimalist? Flowers and candles are chic, understated elements that offer a pop of colour without drawing too much attention.

Keep it Organic

Natural elements are a great way to bring some of the outdoors into your summer decorations. Adding plants, flowers and wood to your dining room decor can help to balance out colour from your accent pieces. Faux plants are alternative if you’re not too confident with real plants.

Furthermore, there are more opportunities to add wood elements than just your dining table and chairs. Wood print placemats, artisan serving bowls, or mixed media light fixtures thus bring a rich, organic quality to the room.

Plants and flowers can furthermore be used as dining room wall decor, and not just for centrepieces. One way to incorporate all three elements into your dining room decor is by adding floating shelves to one of your walls and showcasing different plants and accessory pieces.

Add framed wall art to your dining room decor to add colour and thus balance the wood elements in your dining room.

Porcelain is Preferred

If you prefer your personality to shine through with your tablescapes instead of pieces on your wall, then having dinnerware that holds up through all your summer events would be your pick.

Choosing porcelain dinnerware is one of the many options. It’s more durable, microwave, oven, and freezer safe. Porcelain can also give a chic appearance to any space without taking too much attention from the other elements of your dining room. And, with many bright and summer patterns to choose from, the only issue you’ll have is picking which to bring home.

Whether you decide to keep things simple or go all out for your guests, having pieces that stand out during any event is always essential. Lastly, an important decor tip is to let your personality should shine through!

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