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ALPINE African this season

ALPINE celebrates all things African this season, emphasizing handcrafted and artisanal goods that reflect the raw, organic beauty of the continent. Their trend centers on earthy aesthetics and a connection to Africa’s cultural heritage.


For winter must-haves, Alpine offers quality, cozy, and warm fabric and leather that allows you to embrace the warmth and comfort of Africa in your homes. Their craftsman allows you to sit by fireplaces and soft furnishings with intricate stitching and leather to further enhance the ambiance.


In the realm of design events and exhibitions, the Alpine distinguishes itself by showcasing local artisans and designers, promoting the wealth of manufacturing talent you can find in South Africa. Alpines’ presence at events such as Decorex and Shaw show highlights the stories and craftmanship behind each product, adding depth to their offerings.laz-boy-gabriel-lifestyle

Looking ahead, the Long Brand predicts a continuing appreciation for authenticity and sustainability in design. Natural, eco-friendly materials will take the spotlight, and a harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics will influence future trends.


Overall, the Long Brand’s celebration of Africa captures the essence of the continent’s artistry and cultural heritage. With a focus on handcrafted lounge suites and stories, Alpine pays homage to Africa’s people and traditions. Their dedication to sustainability ensures that the beauty of Africa will continue to inspire homes across Africa.

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