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Furniture Jun 21, 2023

A Couch That Fits in An Envelope?

Pushing the bounds of what we think is humanly possible, SPACE10 has launched a new seating design as a way to challenge design of a couch. Couch in an Envelope is just that – a more sustainable, as well as adaptable and easy to transport couch that can be neatly folded up.

Couch in an Envelope, designed in collaboration with Panter&Tourron, begs the question – “Can a couch be designed to go flat, be put into envelope-like packaging, and then carried around by a human?” The answer is yes.

Typically, sofas are associated with comfort, relaxation, and a cozy atmosphere, but they often come in the form of large, heavy, and bulky pieces, usually fixed in our living rooms.

Challenging these norms, the Couch in an Envelope project seeks to liberate the furniture from its historical form, introducing a concept that is flat-packed and modular, and users can easily carry it around. The project was part of the Design in the Age of AI exhibition at SPACE10 Gallery in Copenhagen. The display presented speculative design concepts from recent SPACE10 projects, exploring the role of generative AI as a creative design tool and even a collaborator. This could make us think beyond conventional boundaries, leading to the creation of furniture and products that are better suited for the future of home living.

“This project began as a way to challenge problematic design archetypes. The couch, as we know it today, is a complicated and high-maintenance piece of furniture; to find and to move. However beloved it is, the couch is often a strain on people owing to its weight, the planet due to its design intricacies, and a burden on the friends who generously help us to move. The project is an agenda for change, inspiring the design community to move further towards a couch that is better for us — and the planet,” says Georgina McDonald, Creative & Partnerships, SPACE10.

The tool-less and screw-less design makes this concept couch easy to assemble, disassemble, and recycle if necessary while remaining lightweight, facilitating easier transportation.‘We’ve envisaged something that’s 100 percent recyclable, without sacrificing softness,’ explains Stefano Panterotto, designer and co-founder, Panter&Tourron.

In lieu of those couches that are heavy and hard to move, Couch in an Envelope is lightweight and designed for contemporary living. Adjustable wings attach to the flat base in various ways allowing for endless seating options, as well as making it more adaptable to one’s needs changing in the home. The design also works well when moved to a new place that might require a new type of seating arrangement. If one couch isn’t enough, multiple couches can be used together to make larger seating setups.

SPACE10 came up with a list as to why one might choose Couch in an Envelope over an immovable sofa:

1. Light enough to carry alone (from A to B and up flights of stairs)
2. Easy on the planet (made with fewer, locally-sourced materials)
3. Foldable and flat-pack (easy to store, assemble, disassemble, and move)
4. Stackable on a factory pallet (more room for warehouse storage)
5. Easy on your friends (to move and assemble)
6. Modular and flexible (adjusts to your lifestyles and routines)
7. Tool-less and screw-less (for disassembly and recycling)
8. Durable and resilient to wear
9. Comfortable, cool, and easy to clean textiles
10. Easy to love

For more visit SPACE10.


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