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6 Pieces For An Inspired Living Room

Transform your living room into a space for sophisticated entertainment. The right furniture choices can certainly elevate the ambience of your home. Here are our top 6 pieces, available from Boca Do Loba , for an exclusive and elegant living room.

The Pixel Cabinet

The Pixel Cabinet

Iconic and unparalleled, the Pixel Cabinet presents a ground-breaking work of pioneering design. Its playful character is captured in its shape, colour palette, challenging design and finest craftsmanship. Made out of 1088 triangles, the upper part of the Pixel Cabinet plays with perception and combines exceptional materials with multicoloured compositions to give the cabinet a unique, striking design.

This includes handmade leaf gilding triangles, 10 different types of wooden leaves from palisander to African walnut veneer, and lacquering. Behind its two doors, this bar cabinet surprises with a timeless combination of aged mirror and a diamond quilted blue silk fabric. Furthermore, it contains nine interior drawers, each one with its own golden knob. The polished brass base gives Pixel a unique and sophisticated character.

Mondrian Sideboard

When art becomes an exceptional piece of furniture, the interiors acquire a world-class atmosphere of modern style. Perceived as a collectible objet, the Mondrian sideboard is born from geometric lines. Furthermore, this is unpredictably paired with stylish details.


Lapiaz Center Table

The Lapiaz centre table takes exceptional craftsmanship and design to a new realm. Finding beauty in the most unexpected places, this contemporary design piece is inspired by authentic karst formations.

Its organic features are achieved through the manual fitting of the polished brass sheet, and a sharp exterior finished in polished stainless steel that portrays a perfect mirror.

The hammered brass details and mirrored sides convey both dynamics and elegance. This creates a beautiful duality between power and refinement to bring a new contemporary verve into interior design. A functional artwork conceived in three modules for unexpected combinations. Furthermore, this piece is born to show off the world of a rich, golden interior.

Glance Mirror

The Glance Mirror tells a story about the crossroads of life and the reason for the chaos. The concept of a defragmented statement mirror brings out its noblest gold backdrop. This has been meticulously handcrafted from the most skilled goldsmiths.

In the end, it is a contemporary wall mirror with a gold accent for contemporary interiors and elegant rooms. From stylish bedrooms to upscale halls or living rooms. The unique beauty of this round mirror subsequently comes from daring to risk and challenges conventional design through finest craftsmanship.

Newton Console

Defying the laws of physics, the Newton black and gold console has grown from the ancient art of casting metal, where metal is heated until molten into spheres and semi-spheres shape. One by one, each element is joined to produce an outstanding pattern and organic structure. It is finished in a dramatic black lacquer and gold plated accents.

Furthermore, the top of this console table is composed of brass circles carved with a golden texture similar to organic wood. This contemporary console therefore carries a cultural legacy while successfully moving towards the future, remaining ahead of the design scene. A real expression of exclusivity and high collectable craftsmanship outcome.

Imperfectio Sofa

The Imperfectio modern sofa is the expression of an imperfect aesthetic. The irregularities and flaws over the manual hammered brass subsequently expose the beauty of imperfection.

Some parts are roughly asymmetrical at the surface yet comfortable and smooth in a peculiar way to excite a desire for complementing your living room.

Each of these magnificent furniture choices will evoke a sense of class and elegance in your home. Find these and more at Boca Do Lobo 


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