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Furniture May 21, 2020

Cielo: Create The Ideal Dining Room For Your Family

Dining tables come in a variety of shapes, materials and sizes. Finding the right dining table to suit your family is key to help you maximise this area in your home. Here we share a guide to help you choose the right table for memorable at-home dining.

Waldorf Dining Table Bench Sets

What’s the right size?

The size of your table will largely be influenced by two factors – the size of your dining room and the size of your family. The former is the most important as a smaller dining room will automatically dictate your choice of a smaller dining table. However, there are a number of small table solutions to help you create a dreamy dining space. Measure up the room or eating nook and choose a table that will comfortably fit the space. Remember, your choice of chairs should also be able to fit in the space comfortably, without a feeling of being cramped in. Ample leg room should be allowed, as well as space between each chair, for ease of dining.

If you live alone, or perhaps you’re newlywed, a smaller table may suffice and meet your existing needs. However, if space permits it, a bigger table is often a better option. This way, you can easily accommodate family and visitors, as well as plan ahead if you’re hoping to grow your family someday. A larger table may therefore be a worthy investment.

Vancouver Enzo Dining Table


What shape is right?

Round or square, rectangle or oval? Table shapes are plenty and your choice will most likely come down to preference. Shop around and have a look at the various shapes on offer. Which one speaks to you? Remember to choose furniture that you love and if that oval table is everything you’ve dreamed about, then go for it!

The most common shape is probably the rectangle table, as this seems to accommodate more people and makes the best use of space. A narrow rectangle table can be used to fit into a narrower room, for example. However, an oval or circular table may add some much-needed interest and can become a real feature in the dining room.

Square tables are another great option. If you have a square dining room, a square table may add symmetry and could provide the intimacy you’re looking for, over a special dinner.

Peyton Dining Table

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