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Jan 5, 2020

Chair Crazy: Stylish Staples For Your Bar & Counters

The right bar or counter stool offers comfort and style around your bar or at your kitchen counter. Here we share some top tips for choosing the right bar or counter stool for your space.

Consider the height.

Your average bar is a different height to a kitchen counter. As such, when we refer to bar or counter stools, we are actually referring to two different stools at varying heights.

The average seat height for a bar stool is 76 cm while a counter stool is slightly lower, typically around 66cm. Extra tall (91 cm) stools are becoming increasingly popular in contemporary styles with high pub tables to create a visual effect in modern interiors. Counter height bar stools have a seat height of around 61cm.


How many bar stools will you need?

This is often the question when first furnishing your bar or kitchen area. Depending on the size of your counter, you may require more or less seating. Try to leave at least 15cm between each bar stool for a more pleasant seating experience. This will allow enough room to turn and eat without spilling your drink or knocking into your neighbour.

Be sure that your legs also have space to move and do not feel cramped. For shorter individuals, it may be easier, but consider your taller friends and family for a comfortable seat. As a general seating rule allow for about 23-28cm space in between your lap and the counter. This will give you adequate room to cross your legs and avoid feeling trapped.

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