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Jul 3, 2019

Chair Crazy: Smart Ideas For Small Spaces

 Living in a small space has its challenges, but it’s also a call to creativity and thoughtful design. It’s prudent to be intentional with your furniture selections, not to buy something for the sake of it but rather with discernment and purpose.

To avoid chaos in a small space, it’s preferable for everything to have its place, however, to retain a certain amount of flexibility and to enable maximum creativity, allow your pieces to be available for mixing and matching in order to create the perfect space for every occasion.

Even wiser would be to select pieces that have more than one function. A big coffee table, for instance, would take up too much space, so to opt for two small round side tables, or a set of nesting tables, that can be moved around would be a stylish and supple solution. Perhaps take it a step further and select stools that can double as seating, too.

A common mistake when decorating a small space is to assume that everything in it should be equally tiny. But when the furniture, the art, and even the soft furnishings, are also tiny, the whole room risks feeling small. The seemingly counter intuitive solution is to think bigger! Introduce just one large-scale statement piece to pull the room together and give it some zest!
There are plenty of ways to make the best of a small space. Here are a few of our favourites.
Supersize Your Storage
If there’s one thing every small-space dweller wishes they had just a little more of, it’s storage. So why not work it right into your home’s design? If you have room for one large piece of furniture, it may as well be one that delivers both storage and style.
Oversize your Art
Large-scale wall decor, and not only mirrors, can make a space seem bigger than it is, without cutting into any of the available living zone.
Let Your Lighting Shine Down
Because pendant lights and chandeliers hang above your living area, they’re an ideal way to add some slightly out-of-the-way personality to your home. It immediately catches your eye upon walking in.
An Occasional Chair with Flair
An accent chair will take up very little visual space. The use of slim designs and corner-ready pieces or small armchairs are ideal. You can also save space with decked-out dining chairs. There are a number of high-end styles that look perfect outside of the dining room and take up less space than traditional accent chairs. With your accent chairs taking up less visual space, you can feel free to get creative with bolder décor such as lights, bold-styled rugs, and wall art.
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