Casarredo: The Vero Table

A table is a place of community – a gathering point for people in fellowship with one another and a place at which memories can be created and shared. The Vero Table has been produced with this in mind, now available from Casarredo.

At two-metres in length, Vero is the ideal place for family and friends to gather. As with every new emotion that is born, grows and transforms, the best emotions are those shared… And what’s better than a table, to share them? Vero is the true concept of a table, from which a naturally amazing collection arises.

To manufacture a large two-metre long Vero table, Arte Brotto chooses the best in raw materials, studying the bark to accommodate the natural edges of the logs, delicately enhancing the grain and keeping the nodes. The two boards that compose the table are obtained from a trunk and joined with special joints.

The Vero table is made by hand, and then processed with extreme precision and presented in a variety of finishes. The Vero table creates an environment where you can breathe the exclusive luxury of an authentically nature-inspired piece.

Shop this one-of-a-kind piece, exclusively at Casarredo.


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