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Dec 11, 2019

Casarredo: Pure Structure, Endless Depths

Since 1985, the Bretz name has become synonymous with authentic upholstery tradition and the creation of one-of-a-kind items made in Germany. These masters of haute couture combine craftsmanship with passion, quality with fantasy and tradition with avant-garde.

Their masterpieces and the high quality of materials merge a love of luxury and the courage to express oneself. Be swept away by the joy of vibrant colours and shapes.

The masterful cassette stitching is inserted into the upholstery a hundred times by hand. Its effect is striking in every combination and it provides a convenient solution for almost all room layouts. Each piece can be placed individually, in the centre or as an end module, and can be extended individually by steps of 33 cm. This takes spending time with your family, friends and business partners to a whole new level.

Luxuriously designed and exclusively handmade, Cloud 7 is another perfect example of Bretz craftsmanship, passion and avant-garde. An incredibly versatile spacy sofa monument for soft and cosy sitting as if on clouds. Cloud 7 attracts by the asymmetrical composition of lines that connect us with the depth of each room. Like in a space-time continuum, there is no single right angle and no common plan which would remind us of the usual daily routine. Cloud 7 sectionals are ideal building blocks for almost limitless artful sofas. The design of the Bretz Cloud 7 transcends the traditional approach to sectional lounge design proposing bizarre, dynamic structures of furniture pieces.

With a variety of sectionals in length and depth, the lounge can be turned into anything from a 1.5-seater to a classical corner solution or from a circle-like sofa to a conference row seating arrangement. Like all other Bretz models, Cloud 7 is also available in 340 exciting upholstery selections.

New & exclusive models now available at Casarredo.

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