Casarredo Presents Reflex Angelo

When it comes to furniture design, Casarredo brings us the best in global brands and innovations. Today we feature the striking Reflex Angelo – an extendable dining table to bring class and distinction to the refined dining space.

This gorgeous extendable dining table comes complete with a battery-powered electric mechanism and remote control. Available with an extension and single base or with double base with two extensions. The stylish legs are covered with leather on a metal plinth painted in the satin brass or titanium finishes. To finish it off, a bold 15mm thick Marble glass top adds sophistication and style.

We love that this table provides a contemporary mix of materials with: Glass, Marble, Metal, Leather, Top Glass and Top Marble.

Designer Riccardo Lucatello has spared no detail as this extendable table is sure to meet the needs of a growing family and provide ample room to accommodate guests and family in the dining room.

Reflex Angelo, the first to use the murano glass as a solid base for its tables, has always favoured the use of high quality materials, such as glass, marble, wrought iron and wood, to which is applied with excellent craftsmanship and new and cutting-edge technological processes.

The results are furnishings that express the perfect synthesis of technology, design, research and tradition.

Reflex collaborates with well-known Italian and foreign architects including Pininfarina, Sacha Lakic, Maurice Barilone, Andrée Putman, Arnaldo Gamba, Leila Guerra and Marco Piva. The Reflex products can also be seen in the historical site of Biancade.

Find this table together with other top global brands and furniture for every room in your home, now available locally in South Africa through agents Casarredo.


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