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Furniture Jan 16, 2021

Bring French Country Style Home With Ashley Furniture

No one knows style better than the French, especially when it comes to interiors. With luxurious textures and hints of floral accents, we’re taking all the inspo from them we can get! Whether it’s your bedroom, dining room or living space, Ashley Furniture have got you covered.

What’s the big deal about French Country Style?

You might be thinking: Why would I want my home decor to be inspired by the French Countryside? Well, we can think of tons of reasons, but to name just one: The French are all about romantic and elegant touches, contrasted by rustic pieces with bold and distinguishing features. French Country-inspired rooms feel organic and comforting while creating a sophisticated yet homey environment.

A five-star dining experience

Let’s start with the dining room. Bring true French charm to your dining room with some of our favourites from Ashley Furniture including the Bolanburg Dining Table. A two-tone textural finish gives this rectangular dining table with plank-effect top a double helping of charm. Six drawers built into the table apron allow you to keep placemats, napkins and utensils right on hand.

It’s All About Lighting

Lighting can change the vibe of any room. Whether you want a warm romantic feel or bright white modern feel, lighting might just be your best asset. There are so many ways to light up a space, but let’s talk about an element sure to be the star of any space: candlesticks. They’re making a comeback, and we’re not talking about the old clunky ones. Candlesticks with a modern twist are in! For example, we also love the look of a candlestick lamp, same vibe as the traditional candlestick with elevated functionality! You can even bring the light back into your dining room! Perhaps atop a buffet table, topped with two matching candlestick table lamps, or situated next to a candlestick floor lamp.

Staying with the theme of light, let’s talk about pendant lighting. We think our pendant lights can add the right touch to any space by bringing in the modern yet rustic feel of French Country. We love the look of these because they add a warm glow anywhere you put them, even hanging from the ceiling! Plus, you can simply switch them out when you want to try something new!

If you are committed to having this look in your home, why not have the perfect French Country-inspired lighting in the entry space, for yourself and others to enjoy. A chandelier over your bed, or even matching pendants hovering over nightstands? Yes, please! In bathrooms, pendant lights like this one act as a great alternative to sconces. They’re an elegant lighting option that is sure to bring a taste of the French Country to any vanity, but can also function as the perfect ambient bathroom light.


Living Like The French

Let’s move on to one of our favorite rooms of the house: the living space. With lots of upholstered furniture and space for area rugs, this is a great place to play up the patterns! Why stick with solids when you can do as the French do and throw in a mix of colors and textures sure to make any space pop! Adding accent chairs is a great way to do this.

Another way that we’ve found to add French Country texture and warmth to a space is with curtains! Window treatments bring more comfort and personality to every space, and this is no exception! We think warm-toned patterned curtains will really do the trick, see below for the window treatments sure to bring French Country into your space!

A European-Inspired Bedroom

We actually think bedrooms are one of the best rooms to play up the French inspiration by using dramatic quilted headboards, elegant prints, and even some elements we’ve already touched on (like curtains and candlesticks)! If you want to bring the French Country into your bedroom, look no further than the Bolanburg bedroom set. The Bolanburg louvered queen panel bed set exudes a mix of styles, including shabby chic, casual cottage, and a touch of down home country. Textured antique white finish works with shelter style headboard with lattice design for a vintage look that will endear for years.

As you can see, there are so many ways to tie the essence of the French Country into your home. Shop the look online at Ashley Furniture.

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