Block and Chisel: A Tribute to The Corner Sofa

When we think about those key furniture items we can’t live without, the sofa is probably high on the priority list, and rightfully so! A comfortable place to unwind after a busy day and enjoy quality time with the family, a sofa is a worthwhile investment for your home.

When selecting the perfect sofa, you want to think about the comfort, adaptability and style of each piece. Modular sofas are great and often tick all of these boxes, offering versatility and style to fit into any interior. Why we love the corner sofa? Modular and corner sofas often encourage flow in a room, to make use of space efficiently, and to offer adaptable comfort in a way that perhaps more traditional designs aren’t able. Being able to adjust the sofa’s various sections in combinations that work best for your requirements is exactly why this design has stood the test of time.

Typically longer than your average couch, a corner sofa usually boasts a lengthy section that is perfect for laying down, unwinding and even taking a nap. Corner couches such as the Blair Corner Sofa from Block and Chisel offers versatility – use the extension to turn your couch into a left or right corner couch to suit your space! with a slip cover that is 100% linen, and an oversized cushion design, the Blair Corner Sofa brings country-style comfort to an iconic seating design. Block and Chisel offer a variety of stylish corner sofas to suit your personality and design.

We love the Montreal Corner sofa made up from 50% linen with 50% cotton and gorgeous birch-wood legs. Similarly, the York Corner Sofa is a trendy couch that oozes style and comfort in 100% linen, with a slip cover for easy cleaning. The Kira L-shaped linen sofa is upholstered in two colours, white and natural linen with removable covers which should be dry cleaned. This sectional sofa, as well as the Sarena Corner Sofa are high comfort corner pieces that will make a statement in any living room.

For these and more great corner sofa solutions for your home, visit  Block and Chisel


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